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Azerbaijan has been a popular choice for expatriates ever since large oil reserves were found in the country. The influx of westerners resulted in the availability of branded products, which has increased in dramatic proportions since independence. Prices of these products are not very expensive, but one needs to be careful against fake brands. For any foreign tourist, the country’s arts and crafts section holds the maximum attraction. In various cities of Azerbaijan, there are streets that sell handicrafts, silk, and other artefacts local to the city.


Park Bulvar Mall

Address: Neftchilar Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan

Ganjlik Mall
Address: 14 Fatali Khan Khoyski, Baku, Azerbaijan

Port Baku Mall
Address: 151 Neftchilar Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan

28 Mall
Address: 1014, Azadlig avenu 15a/4 Baku AZ, Bakı, Azerbaijan

Metropark Shopping Mall
Address: 106a Tabriz St, Baku, Azerbaijan

Nargiz Shopping Mall
Address: Baku 1005, Azerbaijan

Deniz Mall
Address: 26a Neftchilar Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan

Green Market
Address: Khatai Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan


Nizami Street
Nizami Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in Baku and is well known for its variety of shops ranging from supermarkets to small shops selling souvenirs. The street is named after famous Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi.
Address: Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan

Fountain Square

Fountain Square is in the very heart of Baku city, where you can find a number of high-end shops, expensive and classy restaurants and hotels.

Address: Fountain Square, Baku, Azerbaijan

Americana Supermarket

This supermarket mostly sells products exported from US, Dubai and India. Quality of the products is good with prices cheaper than its competitors.

Address: 81 Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address: 22 Hussein Javid Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan


This is the biggest supermarket in Baku with five branches spread over the city. Both locally produced and products imported from neighbouring countries such as Turkey can be found here.

Address 1: 1129 Babek Avenue, Hatayi District, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 2: 20/116 B. Nuriyev, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 3: Fizuli, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 4: Fountain square, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 5: 528 H. Javid, Baku, Azerbaijan


Javid Shopping Center
Address: Sulh St, Sumqayit 5004, Azerbaijan

Garaj-21 Mall
Address: Sumqayit, Azerbaijan

Karvan Shopping Mall
Address: Sulh St, Sumqayit 5004, Azerbaijan

En Ucuz Market
Address: En Ucuz Market, Sumqayit 5009, Azerbaijan


Ganja Shopping Mall
Address: 50 Nizami Ganjavi St, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Khamsa Park
Address: Khamsa Garden, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Aura Park
Address: Aura Park Gence, Ganja, Azerbaijan

Ganja Bazaar
Address: Attarlar Street, Ganja, Azerbaijan


Kalxoz Bazari
Address: Mingecevir, Azerbaijan

Orxan Bazar
Address: Mingecevir, Azerbaijan


Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar in Lankaran offers some of best items of clothing in Azerbaijan. As you travel through the interconnected streets, you can shop for handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional items, along with clothes.

Souvenirs to buy:

Zanbil is a type of a basket made through the process of weaving. It comes in various sizes and shapes.

Tohuma Jorab is knitted socks traditional to Azerbaijan. Made by women of the Talish community, they come in bright colours and are to be worn in the winter season.

Lankaran Tea is a traditional “Chay” or tea, a specialty of Lankaran city, Azerbaijan. The city produces the best Tea in the country.